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a recital programming competition

Presenting Break a Leg Studios' Verismo Voices, an extraordinary recital programming competition! Prepare to embark on a musical journey where your creativity takes center stage. Musicians, submit your Recital Requests, and we'll transform them into unforgettable performances. Our commitment includes a minimum 45-minute musical extravaganza with a captivating theme or story, turning your artistic vision into a reality.

In return for your exceptional talent, we offer compensation for your performance, along with two rehearsals with a pianist  and a premier venue. We also will create provide a comprehensive package, featuring a Study Guide, strategic marketing, and an engaging supplemental playlist. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to connect with the community through a Q&A, Podcast, Interview, Masterclass, or Workshop.

As we aim for an immersive experience, we aspire to collaborate with community partners such as local businesses, pop-up shops, food trucks, and artists, enhancing the thematic resonance of your performance. Please note that while Travel is not included, Host Housing is available, and a Daily Stipend is not provided.

Open to all instruments, we encourage diversity in musical expression. Your recital need not be limited to opera and classical genres; instead, we seek performances that tell a compelling story and bring joy to the audience.

Interested singers, dazzle us with two Video Recordings featuring Contrasting Pieces. Notification of selection will be sent out by June 1st, offering a chance for your talent to shine on our esteemed stage. Break a Leg Studios' Verismo Voices – where musical narratives come to life!

Submit your materials to by May 15, 2024, for a Fall 2024 Concert in Pinehurst, North Carolina. 

Materials to Submit (By May 15, 2024): 

- 2 video recordings

- resume

- headshot

- Recital Program (can be a draft but needs to be planned) 

- Brief description of program and the story connecting the music. 

Recital Requirements: 

- Any Instrument

- At least 45 Minutes of Music 

- A joy of sharing your favorite works with the community. 

- Classical/Opera is not required - we love a multi-genre experience! 

Fast Facts: 

- $1000 contract for the performer

- Two rehearsals with a pianist. (Must provided copies of the repertoire in advance). 

- Host Housing is Available.

- We cannot provide travel or daily stipends at this time. 

- Concert must be 45-Minutes of Music. 

A Note: 

Nearly a year ago, I found myself at a local concert, surrounded by the familiar faces of two peers I hadn't witnessed in performance for quite some time. They embarked on a musical journey spanning genres, from the iconic Andrew Lloyd Weber to the timeless Patsy Cline, and even delving into the enchanting world of Puccini. Despite a few slip-ups and the occasional performance hiccup, nothing could interrupt my experience, I was utterly captivated.

What made the experience truly remarkable was the sheer joy radiating from these two singers. It was as if they had unlocked a newfound sense of freedom on stage, eclipsing anything I had witnessed since my pre-graduate school days. Their love for music, their genuine enjoyment in sharing it, and the careful curation of an afternoon filled with soul-stirring songs left an indelible impression on me. That concert became a beacon, a high I've been chasing ever since.

As a singer myself, the pandemic threw a wrench into the flow of countless performers, disrupting opportunities and dreams, mine included. In response, I am driven to create a safe space, a haven where these talented musicians can once again share their gifts with love and warmth. Your stories, your recordings, your concerts – I want to hear them all. For it is through these shared experiences that we breathe life into the classical arts, sustaining the flame of our collective passion.

I am genuinely honored to be a part of this journey with you. Send in your recordings, share your stories, and let Break a Leg Studios be the nurturing ground that supports and amplifies your exceptional talents. Together, let's keep the love for classical arts alive and thriving.



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